Adopt Dont Shop; A Rescue Dog's Tail

Adopt Don't Shop is a phrase that is becoming widely known across Ireland and for good reason. In recent years Ireland has sadly become known as the Puppy Farming capital of Europe, a title that is a shame to our nation. The cause of this is partly due to our relaxed government laws, allowing in excess of 70 breeding farms to be registered to date. Team this with our animal welfare organisations lack of authority over these facilities, you have a recipe for cruelty. 

Having worked in the veterinary industry for over 5 years, it gives a real insight into something I personally didn't even know existed. I have worked in both London and Australia, and was saddened at the large amount of dogs smuggled from Ireland in shocking conditions. 

Ruby pictured below after being dumped at the roadside.

One dog lucky to land on all four paws is Miss Ruby, a beautiful cavalier who was left for dead at the side of the road in Co. Limerick. Born with deformities that would mean she would not make her breeder money, she became disposable until her soft cries were heard by a passerby. Ruby has since been rehomed to a loving owner and has even appeared on Claire Byrne Live to promote the importance of adopting. To follow Ruby's rescue journey head over to her Instagram @miss_rubytherescue.

Ruby seen below is like a new dog thanks to her loving owners.

With Christmas fast approaching it's a peak time for these backyard breeders to increase profit, and take advantage of people who may purchase unaware of the cruelty they are contributing to. If you are thinking of purchasing a dog or cat over Christmas, remember a pet is for life not just for Christmas. 

We have outlined below some tips on how to avoid these breeders, more information can be found on Irish Pet Advertising Advisory Group (IPAAG) website:

1) Always see the pup with its mother & check where they are being kept. Ensure its clean with access to water etc.

2) Ensure the puppy is of appropriate age 8 weeks+ and gather as much medical history as possible, including vaccination and worming records.

3) Never buy from the back of someone's vehicle and definitely never purchase from somewhere that you think is cruel, although you may think you are helping that particular pup you will also be contributing to that farmer's profit.